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Canva (

Canva is an online designing tool or an online website with a mission to make the whole world design and make creative presentations, templates, etc. with only few easy steps.

It is one of the user-friendly and easy to use website for design with just simple quick tools, which helps everyone to design easily.

It has different kinds of unique features that helps us to make any design through online easily.

It also provides many different free templates by default that helps user for quick designing and time saving.

It has many default media, shapes, font style, photo frame, border frame, social media logos etc. which are very helpful while editing or designing any templates.

We can do many different types of graphic designing works that is very helpful for our entire whole as a student, a business man, a shopkeeper etc.

Now-a-days everyone needs graphic designer as everyone needs templates, ads, letter pad, etc. for each and every working site.

The main features that are provided by are:

·         Creating Presentation

·         Create visiting card

·         Creating Logo

·         Creating YouTube banner/cover photo

·         Creating posters

·         Magazine cover

·         Making certificates etc…


After learning how to use and design different templates, banners, make logos, make presentation or make any advertisement related templates you can get more job opportunity as a graphics designer or you can also start your own business as a graphic designer and design different banners, logo, advertisement templates for different big companies as per as your skills.

Steps to design or create any template using

1.      1.Open any web browser like chrome and in the search box type

2.       2.You will get to a default starting window of canva.

     3.After opening, click on sign in option if you are new user to the website or click on login if have already logged in to the website.

4.      4.After clicking on sign in option you will get a sign in interface as below.

5.      5.Click on any option as you refer. After signing in to canva you will enter with an account which can help you for your security propose as you can store your designs in your canva account.

6   6.After signing in to the canva you will get a window asking “What will you be using canva for?” Click on any option you refer.

7.      .      7.After choosing any option you will be asking for free trail you may click on Maybe later.

8.       .      8.After these steps you will enter to a clear window with an account in canva and you will see many different options and templates.

9.      .      9.Now as you have entered to the main window of the designing website you can click on search option or click on create a design to start designing.

10.   .      10.For example you need to make a logo for your company or website, you can scroll down and click on the logo option or on the search bar you can search logo, or you can also create a logo of your own size by clicking on create a design and click on custom size and input the seize you require. For now I am searching for logo in the search box.


11.  .      11.A new tab is opened with many default logo designs, click on any design if you like or click on “Create a blank Logo”

12.   .      12.After clicking on “Create a blank Logo” you will get a blank white board with default logo size.

13.   .      13.Now you can edit and design your logo as you wish or you can choose and edit any default logos shown in the template section or you can also search any default logos related to any topic you need.

14. .      14.  To upload your image, video, audio go to the upload section and click on “Upload Media”.

15.  .      15.Select the files you need to upload and your media will get uploaded easily.

16.   .      16.After your design/logo gets completed save your logo by click on the share option on the top right corner of the window and then click on download and select the file format you need (JPG/PNG), click on download.

17.   .      17.Congratulations! You have created your own self designed logo and saved it to your device.



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